Apprenticeship Programs - Occupations

Apprenticeship Programs - Occupations

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UX/UI Designer
UX/UI Designers creatively design digital products, like parts of a website, that customers interact with.
Data Analyst
Data Analysts help companies use data to make decisions that drive towards business goals.
Estimators work on construction projects to predict the cost of the project.
Maintenance Technology|
Automotive Technician
Automotive Technicians diagnose the causes of a wide variety of problems with vehicles and perform necessary repairs.
Industrial Engineering Technician
Industrial Engineering Technicians support a company’s business goals by working on continuous improvement initiatives.
Cyber Security Support Technician
A Cyber Security Support Technician works to protect an organization’s information and data private and safe.
Mechanical Engineering Technician
Mechanical Engineering Technicians use the principles of mechanical engineering to change, test, or calibrate machinery and equipment in order to supp
Maintenance Technology|
Facilities Operations Coordinator
Facilities Operations Coordinators work to ensure that the operations at a facility run smoothly.
Clinical Healthcare
Clinical Healthcare apprentices begin their apprenticeship in the classroom, engaged in courses that advance learning and skill development essential
Financial Services|
Claims Representative
Claims Representatives work in an office environment at an insurance company. They frequently communicate with stakeholders to resolve insurance claim
Business Operations|
Marketing Coordinator
Marketing Coordinators support the work of the marketing team in promoting a company's image and assisting with developing and implementing marketing
Business Operations|
Digital Marketing Specialist
Digital Marketing Specialists work in online platforms to promote the company's image and products.
Real Estate Management|
Residential Property Manager
The Residential Property Manager contributes to the management of operations for an apartment building.
Financial Services|
Staff Accountant
Staff Accountants maintain and execute a variety of financial procedures to support order and transparency of the organization's finances.
Business Operations|
Sales Coordinator
Sales Coordinators support sales representatives and coordinate sales-related activities.
Quality Control Technician
Quality Control Technicians have the critical responsibility of ensuring that customers get parts and products that comply with their specifications.
Quality Assurance Technician
A Quality Assurance Technician is responsible for testing new software products for defects or issues.
Business Operations|
Project Coordinator
The Project Coordinator contributes to the development and completion of projects by helping to ensure that projects achieve their objective.
Future Educator
Paraprofessional to teacher apprentices support the lead classroom teacher in running classroom activities.
Manufacturing Technicians
Manufacturing Technicians operate industrial equipment, work with manufacturing related tools, and perform work processes related to manufacturing.
Maintenance Technology|
Maintenance Technician
Maintenance Technicians work to ensure that a company’s equipment and facility are in proper working order.
Logistics Technician
Logistics Technicians work to ensure that the supply chain of an organization functions smoothly
Junior Coding
Junior Coders are heavily involved in programming by implementing simple code or modifying established application
IT Support Technician
IT Support Technicians maintain the computer systems and networks within an organization.
Financial Services|
Insurance Underwriter
Insurance Underwriters work with clients to determine proper coverage and ensure customers understand their policy.
Business Operations|
Human Resources Associate
Human Resources Associates play a key role in administering the human resources (HR) policies, procedures, and programs of the organization.
Hospitality Management
The Hospitality Management apprenticeship prepares students for leadership positions in hotel administration and operations.
Business Operations|
Graphic Designer
A Graphic Designer combines art and technology to communicate ideas visually.
Financial Services|
Retail Banking
A Retail Banker assists clients with basic tasks, provide account management, and keep detailed records of financial transactions.
Database Administrator
Database Administrators help design, maintain, backup, and secure an organization's databases as well as create reports requested by users.
Financial Services|
Commercial Loan Officer
Commercial Loan Officers work in financial institutions including banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies.
CNC Machinist
CNC Machinists set up, program, and operate large, computer-controlled industrial equipment called machines tools
CAD Drafter
CAD Drafters prepare detailed digital diagrams of parts, equipment, buildings, and construction sites.
Business Operations|
Business Operations Associate
The Business Operations Associate position provides the opportunity to manage key business processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Apprenticeship combines paid training at work along with career-connected classroom instruction. CareerWise modern youth apprenticeships are specifically for high-school students. Students apply for apprenticeships with local employers as rising juniors or seniors and train for high-growth, high-wage careers alongside seasoned professionals in fields such as tech, financial services, and business operations, among many other in-demand industries.

A CareerWise modern youth apprenticeship creates a path to a high-growth, high-wage knowledge-economy career. Students can earn up to $40,000 during the course of an apprenticeship, and they’ll have valuable job experience and a nationally recognized industry credential signaling to employers they’re ready to work. Many employers commit to paying for career-connected college courses, and every apprentice will have a better perspective on how additional education can serve their career goals.

Modern, knowledge-economy careers have traditionally been filled with four-year college graduates. But many of those positions are using a degree as a proxy for skills. By shifting to skills-based hiring, employers in fields such as technology, marketing or other business operations can access a new, diverse talent pipeline through youth apprenticeship.

CareerWise apprenticeships are typically between two and three years long. Because apprenticeship is designed to be career training that fully prepares apprentices to step into a full-time position, it’s a rigorous program that ensures proficiency for the benefit of both the employer and the apprentice. During the multi-year program, apprentices spend part of the time at school completing their high-school degree (while graduating on time!), part of the time at work training alongside professionals, as well as some career-connected higher education.