Mandatory work-from-home policies are requiring youth apprentices to adapt to a very different kind of apprenticeship. Setting up a space that allows you to be productive, practicing the self-discipline to stay on task, working with your supervisor to identify tasks, and establishing open communication that fosters mentorship and skill development are new challenges for both supervisors and apprentices.

Luckily, the structures and practices that facilitate productive remote-work are well-researched and accessible. With a bit of intention and planning, a work-from-home apprenticeship can be just as effective as an in-person one. We’ve compiled resources that will help you successfully structure work during this time – whether you focus on high-value skill development, on work tasks – or both.

Check out our evolving resource page for best practices, online training resources, and more.

Low-Cost Upskilling Resources 

All of the resources below have a small fee attached to them. These resources will provide you foundational and career-ready skills, as well as, ways to improve your knowledge of information technology and business operations. Take a look at the links to determine which online resource will be the best for you.

Free Upskilling Resources 

All of the resources below are free for students to take. They will provide skills in programming, time management, office suite basics, and personal development. Scroll through the resources and see if anything catches your eye and sign up today!

Computer Skills (IT)

Time Management

Office Suite & Professional Communication

Personal Development