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Human Resources Associate

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Human Resources Associate

Human Resources Associates play a key role in administering the human resources (HR) policies, procedures, and programs of the organization. As vital team members within the HR department, apprentices are involved with a variety of functions including payroll, benefits management, recruitment, hiring, on-boarding, performance management, and personnel-related record keeping. HR Associates require strong emotional intelligence and must maintain high levels of professionalism and confidentiality.

Ideal Candidate

  • You like the idea of developing a versatile skill set that is transferable.
  • Friends confide in you, they trust you to keep their secrets.
  • You are often told you are a good listener.
  • You are comfortable talking with all different kinds of people – all ages (including adults!), interests and walks of life.
  • You are comfortable with following the rules, and will call out your friends if you think they might be doing something they could get in trouble for.
  • Though it may not be your favorite pastime, you can handle reading technical or boring material.
  • Everyone gets along with you, even that grumpy teacher who doesn’t like anyone!
  • Explore a Future in Human Resources!
  • Explore a Future in Human Resources!