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Manufacturing Technician


Manufacturing Technicians

Manufacturing Technicians operate industrial equipment, work with manufacturing related tools, and perform work processes related to a wide variety of manufacturing settings. They inspect and test finished products for flaws. If flaws or failures arise, they notify the appropriate staff and help determine the cause of the problem. Manufacturing Technicians also help improve manufacturing processes and schedules to meet customer requirements. These skill sets provide a foundation for other manufacturing occupations, including those in maintenance, mechatronics, and machining. Manufacturing Technicians engage in the production of a diverse set of products including, but not limited to, consumer goods, automobiles, medical devices, food products and commercial parts and supplies.

Ideal Candidate

  • You like working with your hands.
  • You don’t love the idea of sitting at a desk all day.
  • As a kid you loved making things as well as taking them apart. Maybe you loved putting together lego kits, disassembling electronic devices to see what was inside, or reading How Things Work books.
  • You love the TV Show How It’s Made.
  • Meet Margaret!
  • Explore a Future in Advanced Manufacturing!

  • Meet Margaret!
  • Explore a Future in Advanced Manufacturing!