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Quality Control Technician


Quality Control Technician

Quality Control Technicians have the critical responsibility of ensuring that customers get parts and products that comply with their specifications. To do this, Quality Control Technicians inspect, test, sort, sample, and weigh parts for defects and deviations from specifications. They often use precision measuring instruments like calipers and micrometers to accomplish these tasks. Quality Control Technicians also read work orders, blueprints, and other instructions to determine product specifications, material requirements, and operational methods.

Ideal Candidate

  • You always catch mistakes that your teachers make on handouts.
  • You like when everything is in order; a messy room or locker is your nightmare.
  • It’s important to you to do things the right way. “It’s good enough” is not in your vocabulary.
  • During science labs, your team trusts you to measure the materials accurately.

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