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CAD Drafter


CAD Drafter

CAD Drafters prepare detailed digital diagrams of parts, equipment, buildings, and construction sites. These diagrams often include dimensions, materials used, fastening methods, and other engineering information. CAD Drafters are responsible for analyzing designs and verifying mathematical calculations. They must be able to create graphical representations and discuss mechanical designs with technical personnel and clients.

Ideal Candidate

  • As a kid you loved making things as well as taking them apart. Maybe you loved putting together lego kits, disassembling electronic devices to see what was inside, or playing Minecraft.
  • You love to see things visualized, whether it’s a diagram of your basketball team’s defense or a 3d model of a medieval catapult you learned about in history class.
  • When you built a fort as a kid, you sketched it out before you started building.
  • You are generally curious about the mechanics of how things are built, everything from a skyscraper to your dishwasher.

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