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Cyber Security Support Technician


Cyber Security Support Technician

A Cyber Security Support Technician works to protect an organization’s information and data private and safe. They work with computer security programs to detect, prevent, and address potential security threats. Cyber Security Support Technicians might support with maintaining server security, firewalls, or security threat reports and may help staff members troubleshoot security issues. Successful Cyber Security Support Technicians can follow company processes and procedures as well as document the steps they took to investigate a security threat.

Ideal Candidate

  • You have a mindset of often thinking about what could go wrong and take steps to fix what could go wrong.
  • You are calm and can keep your cool when something doesn’t go according to plan.
  • You can easily understand your report card and understand where you need to apply your efforts in order to improve your grades.
  • You enjoy learning on your own; you’ve frequently found tutorials or videos to help yourself learn how to do something.
  • You’re obsessed with accuracy and take a lot of joy in never making a mistake.
  • If someone tells you something, you’re skeptical until they show you why it’s true.
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  • Meet IT Apprentices