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CNC Machinist


CNC Machinist

CNC Machinists set up, program, and operate large, computer-controlled industrial equipment called machines tools. They use this equipment to form useful parts from metal, plastic, or other raw materials. These parts are incorporated into finished products with a wide variety of applications from jump seats on a commercial airplane to the shells of a laptop computer. CNC Machinists are responsible for safely and efficiently operating equipment, keeping equipment in proper working order, and producing parts that meet quality standards.

Ideal Candidate

  • You like working with your hands.
  • You don’t love the idea of sitting at a desk all day.
  • As a kid you loved making things as well as taking them apart. Maybe you loved putting together lego kits, disassembling electronic devices to see what was inside, or reading How Things Work books.
  • You love the TV Show How It’s Made.

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