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Marketing Coordinator

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Marketing Coordinator

Marketing Coordinators support the work of the marketing team in promoting a company's image and assisting with developing and implementing marketing strategies. They may create social media posts, research marketing trends, or organize events. Though tasks can vary considerably by organization, typically there is a lot of writing including writing text to be shared with potential customers or clients.

Ideal Candidate

  • Your social media posts always have great captions.
  • You are always the first in your friend group to hear about a new social media app, trend, or challenge.
  • You are always noticing advertisements around you, and you love dissecting whether or not they are effective.
  • You aren’t happy doing something a certain way because that’s the way other people do it; you always want to come up with your own way to do something.
  • You like the idea of developing a versatile skill set that is transferable across many industries.
  • You are a great storyteller.
  • Explore a Future as a Marketing Coordinator!
  • Explore a Future as a Marketing Coordinator!