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Sales Coordinator

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Sales Coordinator

Sales Coordinators support sales representatives and coordinate sales-related activities. Although they are not responsible for selling products directly, sales coordinators play an important role in achieving sales targets by acting as an extension of the field sales force. This may include managing schedules, processing orders, filing documents, conducting research, making follow up calls, ensuring the adequacy of sales-related materials, and giving support when requested by clients. They may also act as first point of contact for urgent client needs when sales representatives are not available. This position provides a strong foundation for a lucrative career in sales.

Ideal Candidate

  • You are competitive and always want to win, even if it’s just a card game at lunch.
  • Your planner is filled with goals that you want to accomplish today, this week, and this year.
  • You can convince people to do things. You could talk your way out of detention or into a higher grade on a paper.
  • You’re someone who could make money off of selling your leftover Halloween candy at lunch.

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