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Apprentice Highlight | Mason Huisinga

By Lanna Hernandez | CareerWise Marketing Coordinator Apprentice

In July of 2021, Mason Huisinga started a tech-related apprenticeship in order to pursue his passions for tech, and cyber security, while also getting a head start in his career. Mason is a senior in high school and is currently taking college courses to complete his associates degree in Science and Computer Information Systems. Mason is also furthering his skills by completing his Salesforce System Admin Certification and is planning to complete a CompTIA certification and a Bachelors in Cyber Security. Determined to thrive in and after high school, Mason differs from his peers because of all of the extensive professional development he is obtaining in his apprenticeship and through industry-credentials he is pursuing. “I am working a 9-5 office job and doing full time college classes at 16. I am currently working on my Salesforce System Admin Certification, and an associates in science and computer information systems. In the future, I am hoping to get a CompTIA Certification and a Bachelors in Cyber security. I am currently working on all of these credentials during high school. I started my credentials in high school while in my apprenticeship in January of 2022.” Mason said.

Mason found his passion in technology through his father, who also works in a technology field as a Solutions Architect, and his interest in gaming. “I have always been interested in technology, my dad works in tech. It’s a growing industry. I really like gaming, which helped develop my passion for technology.”

Mason has found that working in an aligned apprenticeship with his passions, he has been able to experience what it is truly like to work in a Tech-related occupation and has been able to see if it is something he would like to pursue as he gets older. “In this program, you are able to get paid while learning, you can make mistakes, and you get to see if you like a career path or not. My apprenticeship is not as difficult to complete during high school, but by adding college courses, I do find myself being challenged while passing classes with doubling up on high school and college courses, along with a part-time apprenticeship program.”

Being an apprentice allows Mason to get a head start in his future career. Mason is not only gaining skills in tech, but he is also acquiring character-shaping skills that will continuously benefit him no matter what field he goes into. “I have gotten better at balancing different aspects of my life, I also know more of what I want to do in the field of technology. This apprenticeship has taught me how to prioritize different aspects of life.” Mason is currently nearing his 2nd year of his apprenticeship as a Software Support Specialist at CareerWise Colorado and plans on getting his bachelor’s degree in cyber security. After his apprenticeship, he hopes to continue his career in technology.