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The Transformative Power of Youth Apprenticeships: Lessons from Janus Henderson Investors

By Adam Vitcavage

At Janus Henderson Investors, the integration of the CareerWise youth apprenticeship program has not only transformed young lives but has also invigorated the company with fresh perspectives and innovative solutions. Krishnendu “Krish” Das, the Head of Equity Technology (Investments) at Janus Henderson, has been a pivotal figure in championing these apprenticeships, recognizing their dual benefit to the community and the business.

“I was introduced to CareerWise around eight years ago. I was interested in the program because it was a direct impact to our community and our business,” said Krish. “We’re about to curate our bright minds and get them real life experience. The company is also about to get new ideas and grow in new ways.”

Krish recalls their first apprentice, Chris, who joined the company through CareerWise and made significant contributions during his three-year tenure before heading to college.

“He was a wonderful kid and employee, already at the level of a junior developer when he departed, miles ahead of his peers who didn’t work as an apprentice.”

The success stories at Janus Henderson have continued with current apprentices like Kevin and Eduardo, who, according to Krish, “are very sharp and exceed our expectations. They not only deliver what we ask, but they also think outside the box and provide fresh ideas.”

Youth apprenticeships at Janus Henderson are structured to maximize growth, starting with the apprentices being “very green” and evolving to significantly more autonomous and innovative contributors by their third year.

“Initially, there is a lot of teaching,” said Krish. “But by year three, they start developing new ideas for problem-solving with unique solutions.”

The program’s success lies in its nurturing approach. Initially unsure of how to treat young apprentices in a professional environment, the company learned to blend professionalism with care. Krish noted that they work in a very professional environment, but the company learned to add a little more caring into the relationship with their apprentices.

To help new apprentices adjust, they are paired with a mentor who acts as a teacher in the early stages to a mentor as they gain confidence and skills. This gradual shift helps apprentices transform from learners to skilled professionals capable of contributing significantly to the company.

Krish emphasizes the broader impact of the apprenticeship program goes beyond just giving young people jobs and boosting their employee pipeline. He sees it as something bigger.

“Helping the community is a big benefit,” said Krish. “Hiring local kids to keep them in their community. If you give local community students ways to succeed, it’s great. It’s a win-win-win. Students, community, company.”

Current apprentices are encouraged to balance their work at Janus Henderson with their studies, allowing them to stay part-time to gain valuable experience while pursuing their degrees. This strategy prepares them to step into mid-level positions upon graduation, equipped with a blend of academic knowledge and practical experience that is rare in new graduates.

Youth apprenticeships, as demonstrated by Janus Henderson Investors, offer a powerful model for businesses looking to invest in the next generation of talent. By providing real-world experience to young individuals, companies like Janus Henderson are not only enhancing their workforce but are also contributing to the economic vitality of their communities, ensuring a future where both business and social goals are aligned.