Mission, Vision, and Values

The CareerWise Story

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead

Founded in 2016 and launching it first cohort in 2017, CareerWise has seen more than 1400 apprentices hired by more than 120 employers.

Business leaders, educational innovators, public officials and other leaders in workforce and innovation from more than 35 states around the country have visited CareerWise in Colorado to learn about our revolutionary adaptation of the time-tested model of apprenticeship, and its ability to simultaneously solve problems in our labor markets, our educational system and, ultimately, the equity of our economic opportunities.


CareerWise Colorado works every day to create opportunities for students and employers through modern youth apprenticeship. We envision a world in which work-based learning such as apprenticeship is integrated into our K12- and higher-education systems so that the economy is fueled by practical skills and any student can find a path to economic prosperity.

Mission Statement

Build and grow a world-class, sustainable, modern youth apprenticeship system in the state of Colorado that enables every student to have access to a good career, and every business to develop the skilled talent needed to grow and thrive.

Vision Statement

We envision an education system in which students of all backgrounds can learn in both classroom and workplace settings, developing the skills and network young people need to thrive in a changing economy, redefining how employers develop the talent required to power their growth, and increasing equity and prosperity across society to the benefit of students and employers alike.


We deliver on our mission through our values, values that are applied to one another, our apprentices and our partners.