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New Apprentice Q&A

Tiffany Yang

Senior at Erie High School/St. Vrain Career Elevation and Technology Center (CETC)
Manufacturing Tech apprentice at PTA Plastics 

Why did you want to apply for the PTA apprenticeship? 

I applied for the PTA because I think it would be a great opportunity to both gain experience and grasp a better understanding of what a career in manufacturing entails. This will also help me decide whether or not this type of career is the right fit for me. 

How does this apprenticeship align with your career goals?

This apprenticeship aligns with my career goals as it allows me to have a foot in the door that can open up more opportunities in the future if I continue down this career path. This also helps me expand my knowledge and experience in many different areas, especially the process of creating a product for a client. 

What are you most looking forward to once you start working in January?

I am most looking forward to working more with the different machines and injection molders they have. I’m also excited about being in a new working environment. I’m not very familiar with this type of working environment, so starting as an apprentice at PTA is very exciting for me as well. 

What is something that you learned in a CETC class that you hope you get to do at PTA?

At the CETC we learn many different things when it comes to manufacturing and engineering. Some of the things I’ve learned here that I hope to get to do more at PTA are 3D printing and injection molding. I find these things very interesting and would like to have the opportunity to see and do these things more often. 

What was your family’s reaction when they found out you got the job? 

My family was excited to hear that I got the job. They think that this opportunity is great experience for me all around. Whether it be the interviewing process or the day to day apprenticeship work, they know I grow professionally. Overall, they were very happy and excited to hear that I had gotten the job.

By the end of the apprenticeship, what do you hope to have learned or gained?

I hope to gain a better understanding of the entirety of the manufacturing process, from consultation to the final product we created. My long-term goal is to study mechanical engineering, and this is the first step to get me there.