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Infographic: Mentorship Empowers Gen Z

Today, there’s a new breed of workers who are shaking organizations and encouraging companies to set up a positive work environment that attracts this generation. It’s about time businesses make way for the purpose-driven Generation Z workers.

Statistics show that around 60% of Gen Z-ers want to leave an impact on the world, compared to 39% of millennials. Additionally, in this candidate-driven market, 69% of Gen Z job seekers wouldn’t take a position with a company that has a bad reputation. How you show up for your workforce and your community matters.

The entry of post-millennial generation in the labor force encourages organizations to develop mentorship programs for millennials and Gen Z alike, which provide long-term benefits for both the workers and businesses. Mentorship empowers Gen Z and shapes the skills required for young employees’ career advancement and the business’s growth.

If you’re a Gen Z worker looking for a job, make sure to find organizations that offer this opportunity—CareerWise employers are a good place to start. For businesses who want to build a purposeful and impactful culture of mentorship, here’s an infographic with seven tips for building a successful mentorship program that empowers young professionals. For the full infographic and article from Manila Recruitment about what’s driving Gen Z in the workplace, click here.

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