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Infographic: EMPLOYER ROI

One of the reasons modern youth apprenticeship is getting so much traction in America these days is because it addresses many of the issues in our workforce and communities today. It’s fundamentally changing the way we think about education and workforce.

To students, the benefits are obvious—it’s an options multiplier in a world that increasingly acknowledges but a single path to career success. But because American industry has been conditioned to interact with the education system through philanthropy, getting business to recognize the bottom-line benefits of apprenticeship isn’t as simple.

In the new paradigm of youth apprenticeship, employers aren’t just writing a check to a school; they’re taking an active role in shaping the future workforce with a productive employees doing meaningful work at a cost-effective training wage. In doing so, these employers are changing the dynamic between education and industry, and as a result they’re seeing not only the financial return on their training investment, but also creating more meaningful ties to their community and setting themselves up for continued innovation and in the years to come.

CareerWise employer partners each have different reasons for hiring youth apprentices. Motivations range from the purely production-focused, like solving acute talent needs and creating more capacity for staff, to community-driven rationale, like furthering diversity initiatives. Others are prioritizing workforce development by creating a Gen Z strategy within their organizations.  But in truth, each employer is reaping all of these benefits.

Take a look at CareerWise’s “ROI of Youth Apprenticeship” for more detail on the different kinds of employer benefits delivered by the program.