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Contest: Why Do You Apprentice?

Take a look at JFF’s recently launched “Why I Apprentice” video competition. This effort to raise awareness of youth apprenticeship among today’s teens has young apprentices themselves describing what benefits they’ve received from their federally registered apprenticeship programs (because the competition is funded by the
USDoL, only federally registered apprenticeships are eligible).

Employers, it’s a chance to highlight how you’re innovating workforce development through registered apprenticeship. Apprentices, it’s your chance to show off how meaningful your work is, and the impact apprenticeship is making on your career and post high-school options! (uh, and win $$ and a trip to New Orleans, so there’s that, too!)

At the end of the competition, JFF will post the best videos on YouTube for youth across the country to see. The apprentice with the winning video (as determined by a panel of judges) will win $1,000 and be able to come to JFF’s Horizons summit in New Orleans, where their video will be premiered to a national audience of more than 1,000 educators, training professionals, and workforce experts. All videos are due March 31 and you can find more specifics at

Submissions are due March 31, and videos will be available for sharing on YouTube in mid-June.