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I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying | May 2021 Newsletter

By Meaghan Sullivan | Executive Director

Okay, maybe I’m the one crying. Yep! I’m definitely a bit teary-eyed. Here’s the thing. In two weeks we’ll be graduating our second cohort of apprentices. There are 43 of them, and they are AMAZING. And now they are launching fearlessly into the next stage of adulthood and of their careers.

Practically anyone who’s spent some time with a CareerWise apprentice can share a story about the incredible perseverance, moxie and heart they bring to their teams and their work. It’s nice when you have a young person who shows up on time for work and does what they are asked. It’s INSPIRING when that young person transforms before your eyes from trainee to confident professional.

These 43 apprentices are inspiring. They’re ready. We know that they are skilled and capable and ready to change the world. And we are PROUD. (Okay, and maybe a little blubbery).

We are proud of the jobs they have landed and careers they are building.
We are proud of the contributions they have made to their teams and organizations.
We are proud of the struggles they overcame and all the times they didn’t let the challenges get the best of them.
We are proud of the skills they have developed and the professionals they have become.
We are proud of the way they represent apprenticeship, CareerWise, and this movement that we believe will change the country.

As we celebrate these apprentices and everything they’ve achieved, I can’t help but think about the legacy they leave behind. These apprentices are showing the world not to underestimate our young people. They are remarkable and have made the most of their opportunity. I know whatever comes next for them in their careers will blow us away..

Congratulations to our graduating apprentices!