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CareerWise Commitment to Antiracism

Our hearts ache for George Floyd, his family, his friends, and the Black community for whom injustice and violence have been a reality since America’s inception. They ache for our community and our humanity. But that is not enough.

CareerWise helps create an inclusive, equitable world by disrupting traditional education and workforce systems that have underserved young black and brown people. It’s why CareerWise was founded; it’s what we did yesterday, and it’s what we’ll do tomorrow with renewed focus. The opportunities created through youth apprenticeship offer more career opportunity for more students of color. We believe, at scale, our work creates the conditions for a more inclusive and equitable economy.

But we must do better.

We have not applied a clear and explicit antiracist lens on our work. We have not fully acknowledged our complicity in reinforcing a white supremacy culture. We have not done enough to actively dismantle white-supremacist systems in order to clear a path for our black apprentices and employees to thrive.

CareerWise is working with diversity, equity and inclusion consultants to help us focus our work through an antiracist lens. We are committed to building an antiracist apprenticeship model, to identifying and addressing our blind spots. We are committed to investing in the supports needed to create training and equitable employment outcomes for black apprentices. We are committed to addressing diversity and inclusion in our own staff and leadership. We commit to being transparent in our efforts, reporting on our progress and—recognizing antiracism isn’t a destination but a daily practice—on our challenges.

Our commitment is to evolve CareerWise into an antiracist organization, to build an apprenticeship system with integrity and to be held accountable to those goals.

Our work can play a part in making the changes society desperately needs; our commitment is to get it right.

Noel Ginsburg
Founder & Chief Executive Officer, CareerWise Colorado