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CareerWise 2018 Annual Report is Now Available

Foundations of Modern Youth Apprenticeship System Are Being Built in Colorado

We’re very focused on the next cohort (we’re currently in the middle of the third recruitment
cycle, during which we’ll help to get more than 200 apprentices hired with more than 70
employers), but it’s a good time to take a step back and take a look at the momentum that’s
helped get us here.

CareerWise Colorado published its 2018 annual report this week. The report highlights the
growth of our modern youth apprenticeship system in just its second year of operations while
highlighting profiles of participating students and businesses.
“Modern youth apprenticeship works for every kind of student and businesses across every
sector,” said Noel Ginsburg, CareerWise founder and CEO. “The model that we've built here in
Colorado—which is garnering interest from around the country—creates multiple paths to career
success for young people, drives productivity for businesses, and at scale, will be financially

Colorado businesses are making a growing investment in young people in their communities by
hiring CareerWise youth apprentices. In 2018 CareerWise had more than 70 employer partners.
“Industry data tells us which occupations and pathways are relevant to today’s workforce needs
and which will be growth areas in the future—so Colorado’s modern youth apprenticeship
system is highly responsive to real hiring pain-points,” said Ginsburg. “And, because the three-
year apprenticeships put students on a direct path to be able to fill these roles, businesses
realize an ROI as apprentices gain skills and apply them to their work.”.

Each apprenticeship occupation—in pathways such as Financial Services, Information
Technology, Advanced Manufacturing, Business Operations and Healthcare—is designed to
lead to a high-paying, high-growth career. “Our young people are driving productivity for their
employers, getting paid for their work, and accruing valuable experience and debt-free college
credit,” said Ginsburg. “CareerWise youth apprentices are already impacting 21 st -century
businesses in Colorado; their contributions are changing the way industry thinks about
developing talent in a new economy.”

The success of CareerWise Colorado’s modern youth apprenticeship is also getting attention
from communities around the country. Last year, more than 20 different states reached out to
CareerWise to learn more about the power of young people in modern apprenticeship, a power
that can both meet critical workforce needs at leading companies and transform education and
learning in America.

In its first three years, CareerWise has partnered with more than 125 employers to hire more
than 450 apprentices.

You can download the CareerWise Colorado 2018 Annual Report here.