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Apprentice Story: Kevin Bruxvoort | Bank of Colorado Ft. Collins

By Lanna Hernandez | CareerWise communications apprentice

For 16-year-old Kevin Bruxvoort, teenagers fall into two categories: savers and spenders. “Unlike a lot of my friends, I don’t work just to have money to buy things,” he says. “I am saving for my future: a house, a car, true assets.” Kevin pauses briefly, then adds:  “I probably need to get a couple more dress shirts, too.” 

Kevin began his apprenticeship with the Fort Collins Old Town branch of the Bank of Colorado in late June. A rising junior at Rocky Mountain High School, Kevin has been interested in a finance career since childhood. “I knew that an apprenticeship would give me an inside view of the system,” he says. “It’s also giving me a three-year head start on my career, providing me with skills that I wouldn’t learn anywhere else at this age.” 

Kevin is starting his apprenticeship as a teller, and based on his interests, may eventually rotate through additional Bank of Colorado divisions. “I’m already getting to know the Old Town business owners who come in regularly to make deposits,” Kevin says. “On a busy day, I interact with anywhere between 40 and 50 customers.” 

Kevin’s positive attitude, outgoing personality, and work ethic make him a great match for the bank, according to Karis Schneider, Old Town’s branch manager. “This is my second year partnering with CareerWise,” Schneider says. “I mentored two students at other bank locations last year and saw how they flourished and set the bar higher for our traditional employees. CareerWise apprentices are eager to learn, respectful to staff and customers, and a pleasure to work with.”

As the summer draws to a close, Kevin is preparing for a busy schedule between his apprenticeship, school, and football practice. But like any teenager, he was excited to receive his first real paycheck. What did he do with the money? Kevin smiles as he answers, “I put it in my bank account.”