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Apprentice Highlight | Genesis Gordon | Bank of Colorado, 3rd Year Attending CSU

By Lanna Hernandez | CareerWise Marketing Coordinator Apprentice

As a part-time retail banker at the Bank of Colorado in Fort Collins and a part-time college student at Colorado State University, Genesis Gordon has crafted a balanced work and school schedule designed to help her reach her dream career of being a financial advisor. 

Through determination and discipline, Gordon is earning and learning by gaining job-ready skills working in the finance industry, while simultaneously pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in finance. Gordon, a third year-apprentice, received $4,000 from the Bank of Colorado towards her finance classes at Colorado State University. Gordon is taking her courses online and in-person, which allows her the flexibility to continue working at the bank. 

Colorado State University holds a special place in the Gordon household as attendance at the institution is a family tradition that Genesis is now carrying on. “All of my family attended CSU. I didn’t look too much elsewhere because not all of my Colorado Early College credits transfer everywhere,” Gordon shared. “Plus, I love Fort Collins and being close to home!” 

At the bank, Gordon interacts with customers, performs large business transactions, and balances the drawer, along with other duties. She knows this hands-on banking experience will likely put her ahead of her peers who might share similar career goals.

“The bank has been very flexible and gave me the option to fit my schedule to what works best for me to do well in school and be able to have a job while in college,” Gordon said. “Banking hours are great, because I get off and have plenty of time to do homework. I think after college, the apprenticeship will definitely set me apart from other graduates.”

Photo of Genesis With Coworkers
Photo of Genesis with her coworkers.

However, the most successful route doesn’t mean it is the easiest one. Gordon has learned that discovering who you are and what motivates you is key to staying driven when balancing  apprenticeship and college classes. 

“I had a hard time at first believing I was able to accomplish everything I had set myself out to do,” Gordon explains. “But being determined to succeed is the way to succeed.”

From attending a CareerWise job fair, to now pursuing a college degree, Gordon has exceeded her own expectations by carrying out the CareerWise mission – to provide students with work-ready skill sets to get a head start on their future career while finding their passion.