Learn how you can combine your apprenticeship with a college plan through AdvanceEdu.

AdvanceEDU logoAdvanceEDU and its university collaborators can provide seamless support to CareerWise youth apprentices looking to earn and learn at the same time.

Their unique approach relies on partnerships with trusted, nonprofit universities. AdvanceEdu works with trusted, nonprofit universities that help provide students affordable access to their degree programs. AdvanceEdu provides all the things that students need to be successful: a deeply supported onboarding process, personalized coaching and supports in our Denver campus, and a community of caring staff and peers that will be with them every step of the way.


How It Works

  1. Apprenticeship – High school juniors or seniors apply for CareerWise youth apprenticeships with CareerWise’s employer partners
  2. Education – After an apprentice is placed with an employer and graduates from high school in the first or second year of their apprenticeship, they can enroll in a certificate or degree program with one of AdvanceEDU’s university collaborators while receiving coaching and other personalized support from AdvanceEDU.
  3. Financial Aid – Many students are eligible for financial aid to cover some or all of the cost of their academic program. When a student is enrolled in a certificate or degree program that meets the training requirements of their youth apprenticeship program, employers may cover costs as well.
Programs at AdvanceEDU that Meet Apprenticeship Training Requirements

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