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2022 Program Learning Report

Sample page of the Learning ReportCareerWise Colorado is a learning organization. The ability to ask questions, question assumptions, analyze and re-think are steadfast allies in our relentless effort to enable scale.

This year, we are piloting the use of a learning agenda to frame the stories we tell and insights we highlight through our data. This approach is a step away from reporting out on specific data collection efforts (e.g. competency evaluation or survey). This report summarizes evidence built in relation to questions important questions about the program:

  • Are we serving intended populations for Core Program and Equity First?
  • Are our key stakeholders deriving satisfaction and value from participation/ partnership?
  • What are the drivers of apprentice retention and how do they differ by demographic?
  • How much/to what extent are apprentices learning? How do learning outcomes differ by demographic?
  • Who is completing and what are they going on to do? How do completion outcomes differ by demographic?

The full Program Learning Report is available here.