To Our Valued Partners:

We began 2020 with excitement and anticipation, eager to build upon the successes we’ve realized and the challenges we’ve already overcome in building America’s modern youth apprenticeship system. We were humbled to take a moment and look back on our growth and progress in 2019, and to capture the stories and numbers that make that impact real and quantifiable. In our annual report, you’ll find examples of how our apprentices, business partners and education partners have shaped and travelled new paths to opportunity over the past to download the CareerWise 2019 Annual Report

2020, however, has already ushered in a climate of unprecedented disruption and uncertainty and our work will undoubtedly have to adapt and adjust to a new economic reality. Now, more than ever, we are committed to doubling down on our promises to partners, both in industry and education, to help them find even more meaning, productivity and joy by investing in each other and finding mutually beneficial paths forward to renewed strength and resiliency for individuals, institutions and communities.

With every disruption comes the opportunity to look at upended pieces and parts with new perspective. Youth apprenticeship was always intended to help the communities in which we work see in new ways, find value in new methods and modes, and forge new pathways to success.

Now, more than ever, we will need to come together to question our long-held assumptions, harness the power of the collective and collaborative, and open our economy to everyone who wants to the learn the skills they need to contribute and grow.

With best wishes for health and wellbeing in challenging times,

The CareerWise Team

Download the 2019 CareerWise Annual Report