CareerWise Apprenticeships Illuminate Options

Figuring out exactly what you're going to do when you finish school can be an overwhelming prospect. But, through a CareerWise apprenticeship, you’ll more clearly see how the decisions you make about education and career today can put you on multiple paths to success. You'll be able to gain valuable experience, earn debt-free college credit, and get paid all at the same time. Our apprenticeships represent opportunity for everybody—they aren't directed towards any one particular type of student.

CareerWise apprenticeships are different than those currently available; the outcome will leave you with multiple options rather than a one-track destination. Completing an apprenticeship with CareerWise will provide several pathways to continued success. Whether you're ready to enter the workforce after graduation, desire to continue training for specialized certifications, or want to attend a four-year institution, the decision will be yours.

How it Works

Students apply with the hiring companies on the apprenticeship marketplace starting Dec. 1, 2017 through Mar. 1, 2018 for a position that begins the summer before their junior year. Apprentices spend part of their week learning at school and part of the week learning on the job. The apprenticeship is a three-year program (junior year, senior year and a third year), after which you’ll have made approximately $30,000 in wages, hold a nationally-recognized industry certification and have about a year’s worth of college credit…and probably a job offer! Following the apprenticeship, some students will then choose to work full time, some will become full-time college students, and some will do both.

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