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CareerWise is shaping Colorado's workforce through innovative, business-led youth apprenticeships.


Modern Youth-Apprenticeship

CareerWise created a statewide youth apprenticeship model that coordinates the existing systems of industry and education that creates real, tangible benefit for both the employer and the apprentice. The net result is a workforce with the skills Colorado’s industry needs, and students have illuminated pathways to higher education and career.

Today, the burden of educating the newest members of Colorado's workforce falls directly on our schools. But businesses are having difficulty finding employees with the appropriate competencies to effectively fill skilled positions. Modern youth-apprenticeships address the problem by changing the paradigm and helping businesses become producers of young talent rather than simply relying on an already overwhelmed education system.

Our goal is ambitious: We seek to create over 20,000 apprenticeships in high-demand, high-pay occupations across multiple business sectors by 2027. Current pathways include Advanced Manufacturing, Business Operations, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Technology.

How It Works

The CareerWise model is based on the premise that each party involved—the apprentice and the hiring business—benefit from participating in apprenticeship. Students graduate high school on time, receive valuable work experience, earn a nationally-recognized industry certification and debt-free college credit. Businesses realize positive ROI based on the value of the apprentices’ work, reduce turnover costs and create a talent pipeline of skilled workers for hard-to-fill positions.

Sophomores (and in some cases juniors) apply with the hiring companies on the marketplace starting Dec. 1 through Mar. 1 for a position that begins the summer before their junior year. It’s a competitive hiring process, just like any other position. Businesses select the apprentices that are the best fit for their positions; there are no forced placements.

Once hired, apprentices spend part of their week learning at school and part of the week learning on the job. CareerWise works with the school districts and businesses to create career competencies and ensures apprentice work and school schedules are optimized. Additionally, CareerWise works with the hiring businesses on supervisor and apprentice-coach training, and with apprentices to prepare them for a professional work environment.


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Our Partners

At the center of CareerWise Colorado are our partnerships:

  • Business Partners are hiring and training youth apprentices to build their future workforce
  • Education Partners are helping prepare youth for the workplace and ensuring all students have a chance to learn on the job
  • Community Partners support CareerWise Colorado and the youth apprentices through funding and other services


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