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Yuliana Loya-Sandoval: Forging a Legal Career Path

By Adam Vitcavage

Yuliana Loya-Sandoval always had an interest in law. So much so that she took college-level courses at Front Range Community College while still a junior at Westminster High School. When a youth apprenticeship position opened up at Polsinelli Law Firm opened up, it was a perfect opportunity.

I’d love to be a paralegal or someday get my law degree,” said Yuliana. “It’s so crazy how well things worked out for me. I knew I wanted this to be my career. After those classes and when I was about to graduate, I had no clue how I’d crack into the law field.”

Not all teenagers know what they want to do with their lives, but for those who do, figuring out the steps needed can be overwhelming. Once Yuliana started her legal administrative assistant position at Polsinelli Law Firm, she started to see a path forward thanks to mentors like Monica Washington, her apprenticeship supervisor. 

“Monica has gifted me with a perspective and direction I would not have otherwise had,” said Yuliana.

Ongoing mentorship from a professional is a key aspect of youth apprenticeship positions. The employment young adults like Yuliana gain through the program is the stepping stone, but many walk away with skills and connections they could not learn in the classroom. Work-based learning helped give Yuliana a better understanding of her skills and how to use them in life.

“Since becoming an apprentice, I learned how determined I am,” Yuliana said. “I am most proud about how my determination can lead to achieving and accomplishing incredible things.”

Her apprenticeship unlocked a way forward to achieve the vision she had as a high school student. Since starting her apprenticeship, she has continued to further her education and has already completed classes at Metro State University that include legal writing, legal terminology, and legal administration. 

Yuliana has also been able to get one-on-one time with attorneys and the law firm’s administrative staff. At every turn, her apprenticeship has been a chance to learn and grow her knowledge of the world she wants to build her lifelong career.