Blog right triangle The ‘1215 Task Force’ Final Report Recommendations Will Support Colorado Learners
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The ‘1215 Task Force’ Final Report Recommendations Will Support Colorado Learners

The Colorado Department of Education has released their final report marking a crucial milestone in the effort to enhance postsecondary success and economic mobility for all Colorado learners.

The 1215 Task Force featured organizations, including CareerWise, The Attainment Network, The Colorado Education Initiative, and Colorado Succeeds, who are dedicated to improving postsecondary success and economic mobility for Colorado learners. Formed in 2022 through HB22-1215, the Task Force collaborated with the Colorado legislature to simplify access to programs supporting students in career-connected learning, college coursework, and industry credentials during high school. The report highlights recommendations for program modernization, focusing on data and accountability systems, improved access, awareness, and value, sustainable funding, and partnerships.

These recommendations aim to empower Colorado learners, providing access to high-quality programs for graduation with in-demand industry credentials, college credit, or work-based learning experiences. A pivotal aspect involves streamlining and simplifying existing programs for better navigation by students, families, and districts. The collaborative efforts of task force members, the Department of Education, and various organizations over the past 18 months have significantly supported Colorado’s students. The commitment to continuing this work with the Task Force, the Colorado General Assembly, and other stakeholders underscores the determination to strengthen policies and practices, reshaping connections between high school, college, and career to enhance student outcomes.

Click on the image below to read the full “Secondary, Postsecondary and Work-Based Learning Integration Task Force Report.”