Performance Reviews & Accelerating Growth

Training Overview


After completing this training, you will be able to

  • Explain the difference between internship and apprenticeship
  • Explain the value of training and its positive impact on an organization’s bottom line
  • Identify gaps in apprentice learning and create a plan to upskill
  • Describe the elements of accelerating growth including; 1:1 best practices, questioning strategies and effective feedback
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Section 1

Internship v. Apprenticeship

As an apprentices supervisor, it is important to understand the difference between an intern and an apprentice. Understanding the difference will allow you to better support your apprentice and clarify your role in their career development.


While internships and apprenticeships both serve as a way to gain experience, internships are a much more common practice in the United States, especially among college students and recent college graduates who are trying to land their dream job… or any job!

Internships provide a surface-level overview of an industry, over a short period of time and are often for individuals who are still exploring their career interests.

On the other hand apprenticeship takes place over a longer period of time and is more focused on a specific industry for skill. The knowledge gained in the workplace also directly aligns to the knowledge gained in the classroom. This blended learning model allows apprentices the ability to immediately implement their knowledge in real-world situations. Traditionally, apprenticeship in the United States have been thought of as trade-oriented jobs, but that mentality is shifting.

Apprenticeship is about becoming producers of talent rather than simply a consumer. Apprenticeship is a positive ROI model for businesses. This isn’t philanthropy, it’s good business.

Value of Training


More and more companies are recognizing the value of investing in their employees’ professional development. So much so, a recent survey of Fortune 500 annual reports revealed the three main focal points for CEOs’ in the coming year are:

– Productivity 

– Training 

– Change Management 



Investing in employee development takes time and effort, especially when your employee is a 16 year-old apprentice  However, developing a learning culture has been recognized as the single biggest driver of a businesses impact. And it is important to remember:

“Development planning doesn’t have to be elaborate or costly. 

At its core it’s mostly a matter of good managers taking the person-to-person time to understand their employees… recognizing their skills and needs… and guiding them to fill in the gaps.

If it’s done well, the payoff can be substantial in terms of long-term loyalty.  
If it’s not, the costs can be substantial in terms of long-term talent.”

-Victor Lipman | Leadership Strategies, Forbes Magazine 


Technology has altered every aspect of our lives, and learning and development is no exception. When looking to upskill your apprentice (or any employee) don’t overlook the power of technology to drive growth.

If you are interested in integrating more online learning into your apprentices’ workflow, reach out to you CareerWise’s Training Specialist, Lauren Glantz.