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From Apprentice to Full-Time Employee

By Shauna Harman | CareerWise marketing manager

Celebrating Recent CareerWise Student Achievement

November is a big month here at CareerWise as we celebrate Colorado Apprenticeship Month. Statewide, we’re joining hands with the businesses, community partners, and educators that are creating opportunities for youth and adults to gain in-demand skills through work-based learning.

During this  first week, we joined the BEL Commission’s Celebration of Excellence to recognize outstanding examples of innovation in apprenticeship and hosted our first annual Partner Conference for apprentice supervisors and educators.

Pinnacol Assurance apprentice Aujanique received an award at the BEL Commission’s Celebration of Excellence on Tuesday evening.


Apprenticeship has a long history in the United States; its most recent adaptation by CareerWise and other programs connects youth with professional opportunities. Why does CareerWise focus on youth apprenticeship in particular? 

  • Employers  shape the talent they need both today and in the future
  • Students gain real-world experience that puts classroom learning in context
  • Communities deepen long-term economic viability by investing  in their most important resources: people.

Today, we’re highlighting just a few of many CareerWise apprentices recently hired into full-time roles at their respective companies:

  • Allen, now employed as a Business Solutions Architect at the City of Aurora
  • Gabriella, Pinnacol Assurance’s newest Software Developer (Pinnacol has also hired several other apprentices into full-time roles; more to come on those hires soon!)
  • Alan, hired into an IT Desktop Support role at DaVita healthcare

After training directly under the supervision and guidance of forward-thinking Colorado employers, these individuals are stepping into high-growth, high-paying career paths that offer significant potential for advancement.

Not to mention, they’re earning debt-free college credit in line with their newly discovered career interests. Other organizations who hired apprentices into full-time roles include HomeAdvisor, Cherry Creek School District, SCL Health, Intertech Plastics, and others.

Join us this month as we celebrate the impact apprenticeship is having not only in Colorado, but across the nation! You can learn more about youth apprenticeship and Colorado’s Apprenticeship Month by clicking here

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