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Fast Company: Work in 2040

This week Fast Company is publishing a series of articles exploring the future of work. Specifically, work in 2040.

“Why 2040 specifically? Twenty years from now, Gen Z and millennials will be fully incorporated into the workplace, while Gen X will be stepping back. In many ways, the world of 2040 will look very different, thanks to shifting demographics, climate change, and the widespread adoption of technologies that track and automate every aspect of our daily lives.”

The series looks at what the physical work environment might look like, how the climate will impact work and how people will leverage higher education. The education article in particular speaks to many of the aspects of what CareerWise offers—a recognition that college is a powerful path to a successful career, but not the only one. It examines the need for a better bridge between education and the workforce, the growing importance of certificates and credentialing, and notably, the need for employers to take an active role in developing their talent:

“… companies that cultivate a culture of learning will be the ones who benefit. Leah Belsky, chief enterprise officer of online learning platform Coursera, says that ‘facilitating training will become part of a manager’s role. I think direct learning is going to be a core part of that.’ She explains, ‘Companies are now realizing that to sell their technology, they need to get into the education space. They realize that they are limited in how much they can grow because there aren’t enough skilled professionals.’”

There are a number of trends converging today that impact what shape the workforce and workplace will take in 2040. And we’re excited to be a part of moving a number of these future-of-work trends forward through youth apprenticeship.