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Welcome to the CareerWise Colorado Youth-Apprenticeship Community Readiness Framework. We’re excited that conversations about youth apprenticeships have begun in your community, and are here to help you prepare your local business and education systems for implementation.


CareerWise Past & Future  

In 2017, CareerWise launched a three-year pilot program to implement youth apprenticeships in partnership with a range of Colorado communities in a variety of business sectors. In June of 2017, 116 high school apprentices stepped into more than 40 businesses in Denver, Grand Junction and Fort

Collins in the fields of IT, financial services, business operations and advanced manufacturing. In 2018, CareerWise will expand to Eagle County, while also broadening its pathway offerings to encompass healthcare occupations. Eagle County was selected as a 2018 CareerWise community partner based on a similar framework and open application process that closed in July of 2017.

Starting in the fall of 2018, CareerWise would like to begin discussions with Colorado communities, both urban and rural, who are interested in partnering with CareerWise for a launch in June of 2020 or beyond. We will likely expand into one to three additional communities in 2020, with a larger cohort of new community partners to follow in subsequent years.


Becoming a new community

The Framework

The community readiness framework document is intended to help communities understand what must be in place in a community in order to demonstrate readiness for partnership as part of the application process. Additionally, as you will see in the community readiness and the sample project plan, CareerWise expects that communities will need to do a significant amount of work to implement the program once selected as a partner – with supports, toolkits and guidance provided by CareerWise every step of the way.

This framework was built on lessons learned from successful engagement with multiple communities over the past year and a half, as well as others who have determined they are not yet ready to implement a youth apprenticeship program. It was also informed by lessons learned by a number of strong sector partnerships across the state. We are certain we will continue to learn and this framework will continue to evolve, but this version will be the one we use to make decisions about additional partnerships in the third year of the pilot, which corresponds to the 2020-21 school year.


Timeline & Next Steps

For any community hoping to participate in the 2020-21 school year, readiness will need to be demonstrated by February 15, 2019. For many communities, this timeline will be challenging. As you will see in the framework, a significant amount of engagement and collaboration in your community is necessary to become ready. The following framework was designed to guide your community in documenting existing capacity and identifying areas where development will be required to establish community readiness. Ultimately, CareerWise Colorado will evaluate what communities provide in response to this framework to make decisions about partnerships for the 2020-21 school year.

While readiness preparation is complex and may involve a few heavy lifts in your community, the good news is that CareerWise Colorado and a number of state agencies are available to help you with different components of your plan. Throughout the framework detail in the third section, look for suggestions around who you might want to reach out to for help with that component of the framework.

We look forward to your application!


New Community Resources

In the documents below, you will find an overview of the CareerWise youth apprenticeship model, detailed readiness frameworks to support your community’s preparation to become a CareerWise Colorado partner, and an online application form for 2020 partnerships that is due on February 15th, 2019.

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