Business Partnerships Manager

Wogahta Woldezghi

Wogahta plays two different roles at CareerWise. On the Business Partnership team, she seeks new business partner opportunities and contracts with companies looking to improve workforce needs through a youth apprenticeship program, by providing an overall positive ROI solution. As a relationship manager, she is responsible for maintaining partnerships with existing healthcare business partners and guiding them through the implementation and on boarding process.

Wogahta comes from a background of healthcare community outreach and marketing and has worked with various clinical care teams and community hospitals to improve overall patient referral needs and services. Wogahta carries a track record in recruiting and retaining client partnerships and maintaining business outcomes.

Wogahta graduated from Colorado State University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Food Sciences. She then continued her education at the University of Denver with a Master’s Degree in Strategic Leadership in Healthcare Organizations, graduating in 2015. In her spare time, Wogahta enjoys cooking, spending time with family and friends, traveling and maintaining a fun and active lifestyle.