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We are excited about your interest in modern youth apprenticeship and the CareerWise team is here to support you every step of the way! However, before you apply there are few things you should know.



The CareerWise Apprenticeship Hub is the platform you will use to explore and apply for apprenticeships. It’s just like a job board you may use to find any other job, but this one is just for CareerWise apprenticeships.

You can log onto the portal and begin making your student profile. The student profile will be used to apply to all positions on the Hub, so be sure to take your time when creating it!


On September 16th you will gain access to the portal via the CareerWise website. You will be able to explore open apprenticeship opportunities.


Until the portal opens, visit the Before you Apply page for information about eligibility, pathway exploration and resources to help you build your best resume and cover letter.

Click the button below to complete a survey so you can get information that is specific to your pathway interests and career goals.


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I’m getting paid for it...and I’m able to get college credit for it. I don’t know why anyone would pass this up.

Angela, CareerWise youth apprentice in the Business Operations pathway
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Important Dates

All new apprentices are required to attend Apprentice Boot Camp.

During boot camp, you will meet fellow apprentices, gain valuable workplace knowledge and get answers to all your questions!

Denver Bootcamp: January 6th 


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Currently Watching 3 of 3:

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