Sr. Director of Partnership Development

Diedra Espinoza

Diedra Garcia has enjoyed entrepreneurship for the bulk of her professional career. As a real estate and business investor, she also manages her own properties, and also oversees a small direct mail and digital marketing business.

She formerly served as President and CEO of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Denver.  During her time at the Chamber, Diedra made it her primary goal to revisit and renew programs and services to better focus on the Chamber’s core mission: creating jobs for Hispanics; creating business opportunity for Hispanic businesses; and contributing to a thriving economic environment for companies that do business in Hispanic markets. 

During her tenure with the Hispanic Chamber, Diedra dramatically increased the Chamber’s footprint in the metro area by pioneering new relationships with industries who previously were off its radar.  She focused on rebranding the Chamber to a new and higher level of professionalism, credibility and integrity of leadership that its members in the Hispanic community demands.  By helping to drive business friendly public policy, driving non-partisan participation she worked to reshape the perceptions of the past and ensure broad-based coalition-building and that the Chamber had a seat at the table and can be an integral part of the right conversations.

In this organization, Diedra had to make fundraising and investor relations a top priority, as the chamber struggled just to make payroll.  She brought on 4 new top tier investors in her first 90 days, something that the organization hadn’t done in the last 10 years.  Operationally, she focused on building the strength of the Chamber’s membership and committed to maintaining its existing base by reshaping programming to better meet the expectations of members in a 21st century global economy.  She rebranded its events and drove attendance by presenting a new and fresher approach, increasing participation, awareness and reach in the community.  Diedra’s commitment was to the satisfaction of the Chamber’s members and used her small business background to treat members like clients and deliver on their expectations and return on investment.  

Before joining the Hispanic Chamber, Diedra was the President and CEO of a local commercial construction company.  Under her 14 year leadership, the company grew exponentially in revenue, employee size and profitability, completing contracts in excess of $20M. Under her goal-oriented leadership, the company had a proven commitment to demonstrating service to its customers, business process improvement and sustained profitability. 

Ms. Garcia is a self-described “leadership junkie” and has focused her career on inspirational leadership and achieving the highest ethical standards in every role she holds.  Her no-nonsense management style combined with her genuine respect of her team and their potential has paved the way for her to achieve every goal she sets.  She believes that spending the bulk of her career in a leadership role in a male-dominated industry has made her tough enough to handle almost any challenge.

Garcia has been recognized as one of Colorado’s leading entrepreneurs by several accredited publications in Denver. Colorado Biz Magazine named her a finalist for CEO of the Year.  The Denver Business Journal recognized her as Outstanding Woman of the Year for Business in Construction and Real Estate.  Garcia was also honored as Business Woman of the Year by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Denver and was one of just 10 business leaders chosen to represent the United States in the prestigious U.S.-Spain Young Leaders Program.  Garcia is a respected leader in the community and has been called upon by organizations such as the Colorado U.S. Attorney’s office to coach their executive team on leadership development.

Ms. Garcia’s past and current board and community affiliations are:

  • Denver Urban Renewal Authority Board- Mayoral appointment, authorizes PIF and TIF assistance to developers
  • Visit Denver Board – drives tourism to Colorado
  • Denver Health and Hospital Authority Board– Mayoral appointment, serves Denver’s under-insured and uninsured
  • Pinnacol Assurance board chair- the state’s largest worker’s compensation insurance company 
  • Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce Board
  • Alameda Business Improvement District Board
  • Gateway Women’s Shelter Board
  • State Personnel Board–  Governor’s appointment, constitutional body adjudicating appeals from state employees with vested property rights

A resident of Lakewood, Ms. Garcia graduated from Regis University with a BS in Human Resources Management and a MS in Management in Organization Leadership. 

Ms. Garcia previously obtained a certification in Sarbanes Oxley compliance which governs accountability and transparency in corporate executives. She was previously certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources.