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Facilities Operations Junior Analysts

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Facilities Operations Junior Analyst

Facility Managers oversee and maintain an organization’s buildings, equipment, and grounds. Facilities Managers oversee the maintenance and security of the facilities, renovation projects, and they monitor work to improve energy efficiency, productivity, or employee safety. Facilities Operations Junior Analysts are needed in many types of properties, including warehouses, manufacturing and production companies, or distribution centers.

Ideal Candidate

  • You like variety and you get bored when doing the same thing day after day.
  • Your friends or family trust that when you say you’ll do something, you’ll follow through.
  • As a kid you loved making things as well as taking them apart. Maybe you loved putting together lego kits, disassembling electronic devices to see what was inside, or reading How Things Work books.
  • Explore a Future as a Facilities Manager!
  • Explore a Future as a Facilities Manager!