Want to Ace your Interview?

Get To Know The Interview Process

Want to Ace your Interview?

Get To Know The Interview Process

To Start
Do Your Research
Building Professional Languages and Behaviors
Be Prepared
Take Some Time To Practice

First Things First

The selection process of apprentices include
  • A review of all documents necessary (resume, cover letter, application, etc.)
  • Face to face OR a virtually set up interview

The process will be fair and equal to all students who apply, It cannot discriminate based on sex, race, color, national origin, religion, disability, or sexual orientation and must comply with the Equal Employment Opportunity Act and Americans with Disabilities Act.

Get To Know Your Company

Prior to your interview

Get to know who you will be working for! Google search about the company beforehand. Some questions to ask yourself while researching may be:

  • What products or services do they offer?
  • What other kinds of jobs are at the company?
  • What is the history of the company?
  • If they have a “news” or “press” section, read that also.


Another great tool to use would be to research the person/people who will be interviewing you via LinkedIn! This builds a sense of who will be interviewing you and their role if you have any questions for the company.

Be Specific And Brief

Your use of language and professionalism is very important during an interview.

  • Avoid using repetitive filler words such as “like”, “you know”, “right”.
  • Body Language is just as important, avoid knee bouncing, pen clicking or any other physical indicators of nerves.
  • Over a virtual interview, avoid distractions, outside noises, chair spinning, etc. Practice developing a confident and professional behavior.

Here's How to Be Ready

If your interview is face-to-face

  • Always bring copies of your documents. (Resume, awards, applications, cover letters, etc.)
  • Practice interviewing with a family member or friend, this will help your confidence grow when asked questions, or engaged in a professional discussion.
  • What if your interview is virtual? Check out our tips below!
Virtual Interview Tips

Curious about what your interviewer may ask?

Here is a gist of what they may ask you during your interview…

  • Tell me about a goal you set for yourself and accomplished.
  • Describe a time you have felt really proud…
  • Think of a time you felt someone was being treated unfairly. What did you do?
  • When have you felt very angry or disappointed yet dealt with the situation in a mature and successful manner?
  • Tell me about a class you have taken that is relevant to the work you will do here…
  • Can you walk me through a team project you have worked on?
  • When have you wanted something and had to work hard for it?
  • When you have a big project due, how do you plan and organize?
  • You will have the opportunity to work with many different types of people. What do you think you will learn by working with people of different races, religions, ages, etc.?