While our apprentices are not generally an at-risk population for serious health concerns due to COVID-19, community spread of the outbreak is something we can all do our part in fighting. CareerWise relies on its education and employer partners to follow the guidance of qualified public health professionals and government officials to keep students, employees and their families safe. Many of our schools have already announced closures to facilitate social distancing and stem the spread of the outbreak.

At this time, CareerWise Colorado is making plans to transition the hiring event scheduled for April 7th to virtual interviews scheduled by our employer partners. We will be working with partners and applicants to provide training, facilitation and technology as needed to ensure as many quality hires as possible this spring.

CareerWise recognizes the specific impact COVID-19 is having on Colorado’s employers today and will continue to have in the near future—particularly those whose businesses are reliant on travel. We are providing employers additional support in navigating the hiring cycle this spring, while also accommodating hiring into the summer months and our fall cycle as necessary.

Many of Colorado’s largest school districts have already announced closures, and in the coming days and weeks it seems probable that more will follow as more COVID-19 cases are confirmed. CareerWise is asking apprentices to communicate with their employers in the event of closures and potential exposure so everyone has an understanding of the situation.

We’re also suggesting apprentices consult with their parents to make the decision that is best for their families when it comes to exposure to further community spread of the disease (FAQ provided to apprentices). Because of the concerns surrounding the severity of COVID-19, CareerWise is asking employers to honor those decisions with work-from-home options whenever possible or provide leave for apprentices until the outbreak subsides.

CareerWise is here to support your program—and more broadly, your business—in any way we can. We’ll of course continue to be a conduit of communication between you and the school districts, but please don’t hesitate to reach out with any other questions or ideas about how we can make this difficult time easier.

You can reach your usual contact at CareerWise with any questions, or you can contact Darren Jacoby, CareerWise director of customer success at darren.jacoby@careerwisecolorado.org or (303) 596-6704.