Mireya Rivas


My name is Mireya Rivas and I am a Sophomore this school year. I usually babysit my two younger siblings, so I understand responsibility, taking initiative and trustworthiness. I am currently participating in a Youth Group and it helps me gain confidence and motivates me into growing more in my faith. Over the past 7 years, I have been volunteering at a soup kitchen known as Saint Francis, so I know a lot about giving back to my community.

While working at CareerWise Colorado it taught me about being patient, perseverance, and time management. Mainly Careerwise has taught me to get out of my comfort zone and learning to being able to enjoy what I do.

As a freshman I had played basketball on C-Team and eventually made it to Jv and Varsity by the end of the season. It helped me learn about teamwork, confidence and taking initiative for the team. Before I played basketball, I joined Mock Trial as an extracurricular activity where we compete against other schools about fictional court cases. This activity taught me ways to project my voice, and it helped boost my confidence.

After graduating Arrupe, I hope to achieve one of my life career choices: Criminal justice and medicine. At this time, this is what I chose but my possibilities are endless.

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