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CareerWise is shaping Colorado's workforce through innovative, business-led youth apprenticeships.


CareerWise - Changing the Face of Apprenticeships

CareerWise coordinates apprenticeships among businesses, students, and educators that create opportunities for long-term impact. Today, the burden of educating the newest members of Colorado's workforce falls directly on our schools, and that is something that needs to change - this should be a joint effort.

CareerWise apprenticeships will break down financial barriers, create a highly-skilled workforce that meets the complex demands of Colorado companies, and provide multiple options for the student upon successful completion of the program. A robust, business-led apprenticeship program that meets the needs of all students will put Colorado schools and businesses on a path towards success.

Innovative Apprenticeships that Shape the Future

CareerWise is a non-profit organization focused on developing a robust apprenticeship program in Colorado that addresses the needs of businesses and students. By serving as an intermediary working with businesses, educators, and students, we are creating a program that provides all involved with numerous benefits. Students completing the apprenticeship will gain real-world skills and credentials that provide them with options to enter the workplace in a high-paying job or continue their education. In this program, businesses play a large role in building their own skilled and loyal workforce.

Our goal is ambitious: We seek to create over 20,000 apprenticeships in high-demand occupations across multiple business sectors over the next ten years.

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Our Partners

At the center of CareerWise Colorado are our partnerships. get to know our amazing partners:

  • Business Partners are hiring and training youth apprentices to build their future workforce
  • Education Partners are helping prepare youth for the workplace and ensuring all students have a chance to learn on the job
  • Community Partners support CareerWise Colorado and the youth apprentices through funding and other services


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