[This work] will provide a bridge to districts in the metro area and across Colorado. We are excited to expand our own offerings to prepare students for successful careers and to share what we’ve learned through programs like CareerConnect with students from all over the state.
— DPS Superintendent Tom Boasberg

Helping Educators Shape the Future

Recent high school graduates in Colorado are struggling to find meaningful work. At the same time, local business look to other states for skilled employees. CareerWise wants to counter the idea that a 4-year college is the only path to long-term success, while still leaving it as an option. We realize that the job of preparing a highly-skilled workforce cannot lie solely on educators. By facilitating a relationship between schools and businesses and offering assistance on curriculum development, CareerWise attempts to solve this issue.

CareerWise apprenticeships require a student be out of the classroom for two or three full days each week, so working with districts on scheduling flexibility and graduation requirements is crucial. They also require collaboration regarding programs of study and coursework. Again, the task shouldn't be put solely on teachers, counselors, and administrators – and with CareerWise, it isn't. Our team works closely with districts to ensure a smooth process for all parties involved.

Resources for Career Advising and Exploration

CareerWise believes that strong career advising and exploration are critical foundations for decisions about youth apprenticeship and other high-quality career and college opportunities. The resources below are some of our favorites. We'll continue to add to the list as we discover more. 




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