Before You Apply

  • This program is only available to rising juniors and seniors.  See your counselor for other opportunities if you do not qualify for CareerWise Colorado.

  • Get approval from your school's designated approver. Participating school districts and individual schools include:

    • School districts (all or most high schools are participating):

      • Cherry Creek School District

      • Denver Public Schools

      • Jefferson County Public Schools

      • Mesa County Valley School District 51

    • Individually participating schools: 

      • Colorado Early College Fort Collins

      • STEM School and Academy (Highlands Ranch)

    • Don't see your school listed? Contact your principal and ask about partnering with CareerWise Colorado today.

  • Determine what class schedule best fits your next semester.

  • Create your cover letter. Tell your future boss why you're the best person for the job in a short letter.  We've created a template to write your letter.

  • Create your resume using these guidelines. Feel free to use this template.

  • Optional: Build your LinkedIn Profile. Having a LinkedIn profile is a nice way to showcase your experience and market yourself to employers.  Watch this video for advise on how to create a stellar profile or you can use this checklist guide.

  • Letters of recommendation are optional; however, they help you stand out to employers. If you would like to submit a letter of recommendation, share this recommendation form with a teacher, school counselor, extracurricular lead, or an adult that can speak to your professionalism. Once they complete the form they should e-mail it to  Letters of recommendation should be completed and sent to CareerWise Colorado as soon as possible, and should be submitted before your first interview. 

  • Explore CareerWise apprenticeships in the Marketplace. Submit your application to the job postings that are of the most interest to you.

  • To check out our open houses and events go to our Events Calendar.

Want Help Applying?  

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Earn while you Learn

Each apprenticeship will list beginning pay for the role.  Most begin at minimum wage and could increase $0.90 (or more) each year based on projected minimum wage increases through 2020. Keep in mind you will be learning a great deal, gaining skills, and valuable experience that will likely result in higher pay at the end of the apprenticeship.

Different companies increase pay in different ways. Some pay increases result from movement up an incremental scale based on skills; others move a percentage within a pay range (or "band") for the job. Many companies will determine pay changes by considering several factors, including a performance rating, assessments of skill or work competence, or success in obtaining formal qualifications.

All pay information will be outlined in the Apprentice Agreement students will sign with the employer.